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RJ Sports Therapy

Deep Tissue Massage |  Injury Assessment  |  Injury Rehabilitation  |  Recovery Plans 




I graduated with a BSc Honours Degree in Sport and Exercise Science from York St John University in 2005. Then continued on to gain my Sports Massage Diploma in 2015 where I am also a member of the Sports Therapy Association. 


I’ve worked with the women’s Welsh Rugby Team during their 6 nations campaign and have since developed a private client base as well as supporting teams and competitive athletes in Harrogate and around North Yorkshire. 

As a child I was sports mad which later developed into competitive first team rugby, cricket and golf, supported by further qualifications in cricket coaching, rugby coaching, sports trauma management and cardiopulmonary resuscitation and automated external defibrillation.  

Having experienced numerous muscular problems over the years from making sport an active part of my life I often found Sports Therapy the most effective way of relieving muscle pain and repairing and rehabilitating muscles.

It is my feeling that Sports Therapy can aid a number of people from elite athletes wanting to use massage as a maintenance tool, to those needing rehabilitation from injuries or those who suffer neck and back pain from sitting at a desk all day. 

I offer a comprehensive treatment plan to get you back to full fitness and mobility.




Highly recommended- I struggled to move/ turn my neck last month and, after a few sessions, I’m as good as new. Rob is really helpful and can quickly locate and remedy problems. Very professional and makes you feel at ease.


Highly recommended : Rob did full leg massage focusing on a number of particularly tight areas. I felt relaxed and confident throughout the session and he explained what he was doing on what muscle groups/points.


Rob is a really intuitive therapist. I have seen him for various exercise related niggles I’ve suffered; every time he has identified the issue & resolved it for me fully. 
I’ll continue to book in with Rob on a maintenance level as part of my training. Thank you Rob.

"Rob worked with the Wales Women 6 Nations Squad between January and March 2016. Rob quickly became a key asset to the backroom staff, with players regularly requesting him during massage blocks. Technically he demonstrates advanced techniques in Soft Tissue Therapy - which accelerated player recovery times, players feeding back improved muscle soreness and mood during subjective monitoring with massage, than without. 

Rob was travelling 6-7 hours in some cases, all on his own expense to make camps and was present for 5 out of the 6 games. Four in Cardiff, Wales and one in London, England whilst being based around Leeds. This shows an unbelievable level of commitment to not just his continued professional development but to a team environment. 


I would definitely recommend Rob for future roles in soft tissue management and would welcome him back to the Welsh Rugby Union set up whenever possible" 


Garry Ahmed

WRU Physiotherapist




What should I wear? 

Wear comfortable or lose clothing, you may need to remove certain items of clothing but your dignity will be protected at all times 

Does Sports Massage hurt? 

Sports massage works to rehabilitate and  assist with over worked muscles and often shortened muscles. Muscles can often be tight and in order to release these , some elements of the massage may be sore, however it should never be unbearable and I work with you on this

How long is a consultation? 

Most consultations are 60 minutes, if you need a quicker follow up appointment 30 minute appointments are available

How much is a consultation?

Hour consultations are £46.00 

30 minute follow up appointments are 


Do I need a doctors referral to have Sports Massage? 

A full assessment will be given in your first consultation and for the majority a doctors note is not needed, on occasions a doctors note may be advised 

Can I eat and drink before a massage?

Eating and drinking as normal is fine. It would be best not to eat a heavy or large meal just before a massage. 

I usually advise drinking plenty of water after a massage


Do you take card payments? 

Yes, card payments can be in clinic taken at the time of your appointment 


How long will it take my injury/problem to improve after a session? 

This depends on the problem and  a full assessment be will done at the start of your treatment. Some problems take one or two consultations, others can take longer.

Is there anything I need to do after my treatment? 

Stay hydrated , at times follow up exercises and stretches will be provided as part of rehabilitation


Sports massage is massage involving manipulation of soft tissue. It's aim is to alleviate stress and tension that builds up during physical activity .

Sports massage can be used to assess injuries, be used for injury rehabilitation and as part of a recovery plan for muscle pain. 




078944 34445

Weekly appointments available at the following venues: 

HG3 Fitness 

Unit 7A Follifoot Ridge Business Park


HG3 1DP 

For further appointments please contact me directly